Ammeachi Martins International Company Limited, also known as AMMCO International Limited, is a nationwide construction company providing services across engineering, designing, oil and gas and construction ranging from mechanical, electrical, logistics, to heavy rentals etc.

For many years, we have continued to remain in business through our varied list of services and delivering results which fulfill our clients’ expectations.

We are a family-owned construction company on a mission to provide the highest quality services. For over a decade, through shared values, in-depth expertise and collaboration, we have helped our clients achieve their dreams. As a family, we are committed to providing a wide range of construction services which exude high quality and class.

Our founder, Martins M. Offiah, was a natural mineral enthusiast. He had in-depth knowledge of how mineral resources such as iron could be manipulated to create products for the betterment of human life. At that time, the earth’s precious minerals were relatively new. Although there were existing companies who were discovering and transforming these minerals into valuable products, Martins foresaw a time when these resources would be in a notoriously high demand. In lieu of this, he founded AMMCO.

We have grown to become a solid company with an ever-increasing client base. We believe our clients keep returning to us because of the excellence and professionalism we infuse into our services.

We see ourselves operating on a larger dimension. Soon enough, we will become one of the industry players in the future of energy problem solving company in Nigeria.

At AMMCO International Limited, we make sure to abide by the Health and Safety at Work Act 2017 while providing a safe environment for our staff. Our long term goal is to reduce the rate at which environmental accidents occur in the workplace. Therefore, we have made it a priority to maintain an incident free and secure workplace for our workers.

We are duty bound to ensure the safety of our visitors, temporary workers and stakeholders of our company. To enable constant improvement of our management systems, there is a periodic update of our health, safety and environmental policy.

AMMCO has in-depth experience in maritime and infrastructural projects and has taken up numerous projects across Nigeria. AMMCO strives to ensure a quality management system by meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.


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